Jul 13, 2013

Still alive


Quite a long time without any communication about the projet... sorry!

First, the project is not dead. Well in fact it died. For the 2 time. But it came back to life as it did previously, long before the creation of this dev blog.

The project is now taking a new direction. Up to now, i used to code the entire game using a simple (yet powerfull) engine : Yna. That was a great journey. With this engine I could learn a lot of things about 3D. But Alone in Space requires a huge amount work. And it turned out that Yna was too much "simple" (no offense here) for my needs.

So i did my mourning. The last months of work were not lost at all. I learn so much things with this game engine (thanks to +Yannick Comte) that I'm now much more comfortable with 3D programming, management, etc...

Some people I know are using Unity to create games but I never really listened to them (yes, i'm completely stubborn). I watched some tutorial videos. Then tried the editor and... mind blowing fact : it took me about 3 hours to get the same result than after about a month of work previously. It was settled : I will use Unity.

Here is a quick wallpaper made with a new 3D model for the Anti-matter Accelerator to celebrate this new born. Cheers!