Feb 27, 2013

Blender levelup


I took some kind of holidays last few days and didn't really worked on Alone in Space. Rest is as usefull as coding nights. Leave your project as it is for a few weeks and then come back with fresh eyes and ideas.

To be honest, last days I was very unmotivated by this project, repeating to myself that I would NEVER be able to go ahead and make this dream come true.

The amount of work to do on this project is... huge. And I have to learn everything but programming. As I have no money to spend in hiring a 3D artist, I have to create my own assets. Lucky me, I'm very creative, and tenacious.

I worked the whole afternoon and night in learning how to create spaceships in Blender. Thanks to Blender Sensei for his amazing tutorials. In about 6-7 hours I learnt enough  tips to create my first spaceship model.

This is exactly what I wanted for this ship so I'm particularly proud :

Front view

Rear view 

Side view

Bottom view

This space ship is a Shuttle. With this kind of ships, the player will be able to move resources between colonies in the same region. Notice the jaws under the ship : this ship will be able to carry 2 containers.