Nov 30, 2012

Produce more, better and faster


I had a hard week so I couldn't work as much as I wanted on Alone in Space. However, the week-end is here and that means free time to use!

Tonight, I worked on the transposition between 3D coordinates to 2D coordinates in order to manage zone structures in a 2 dimensions array : [X,Y].

The cursor snapped to the invisible grid was already done so that was not hard work :

That's just a cube for now but it will be a sexy 3D pointer in the future (if a pointer can be sexy)!

After a few moments, I got a simple 2D coordinate vector for my structure array. Yay!

This part done, I could start the structure management. For example, you cannot build a new structure on a square where there is already another structure! The interesting part comes after.

Now that I can handle structures (simplified) construction process, I can start the natural resource extraction process. And THIS is the heart of the project. The resources. Those rare and precious resources the player will chase all around the galaxy.

The core engine was written days ago but I couldnd't test it. And it was well written (cheers me!). A few mistakes or omissions but it is functional.

The game can now manage resource extraction, storage and depletion. Nice point.