Nov 19, 2012

Stop complaining and keep moving forward

A day away from my week-end adventures, there is a note to myself i want to share :
Stop complaining and keep moving forward
I'm not a 3D artist, however i'm good at industrial design (i've done a lot during my studies). That's why i'm in search of a 3D software based on industrial design. Something like the Unreal Ed (love it, even with it's bugs) :

In my mind, the 3D representation is the result of the 2D designs. I'm used to. And that's so freaking difficult to get rid of that! I feel lost with only a 3D representation!

With help from a Blender pro, i managed to set up my worskapce with familiar view. Now, i feel better. Home sweet home!

Here we go then, i'll use Blender!