Dec 25, 2012

After burner

After a huge "day" of work, here I am at 5h30am, writing this blog message.

The demo will be ready for january, that's for sure. After creating my scale tool, I made the Antimatter Accelerator model. For this purpose, I made another construction "brick" : a torus. Here is the Antimatter Accelerator (that's not a spider!) :

Antimatter Accelerator Model
My first though was that toruses were cool in 3D models! So I refreshed some other to get them better. Here is the work :

New Command Center Model

New Research Center Model

And I have more to show. On the map, the building zone is now limited with fancy barriers. I also added moutains in background and a fake skybox (couldn't make it properly for now). The result is awesome, check it by yourself :

Storm tooltips have now textures

Some ground view of the colony, with great mountains in the back

A global view, zoomed out

The new mouse cursor