Dec 5, 2012


I just want to code... but I have to organize a little bit.

I made a list of things I have to do on the first step (zone vision). I also continued the list for next steps but some things are still missing. Here is the list :
  • [OK] 3D camera management
  • [OK] Get 2D coordinates from 3D view
  • [OK] Add structures on the 3D view, aligned on the invisible grid
  • [OK] Neighbours conditions for structure construction
  • Resources condition for structure construction
  • [OK] Natural resources harvesting
  • [OK] Energy production (and consumption by the structures)
  • Structures construction time
  • Building bots management
  • [wip] Create the place holders for all structures
  • [OK] Natural resources exhausting
  • Ground digging / earthwork
  • Warehouses
  • Built structure selection
  • Special actions for strucutres (such as building a bot, starting component production, etc...)
  • Structure upgrade
  • The global UI (resources stored, natural resources left in the zone, the actual energy production, the building menu, etc...)
  • Custom structure building
That's quite a big amount of work! And I surely forgot some things. The next step will probably be the UI. Now that the engine works, I need feedback of what's going on. Raw data drawn on the screen is no more enough!

I worked on place holders too, making existing simpler and creating new ones. Here is the work :

The Command Center

The Carbon Mine

The Research Center

The Fuel Refinery

The Solar Plant

The Starport

The Warehouse

Those models are made with Blender (v2.64). I'm new to 3D, so some of them may look... interesting... Don't judge my 3D skills, I'm not a 3D designer! Keep in mind that those models are just place holders. I tried to make them easy to recognize, as I want them in the final game.