Jan 13, 2013

Research panel is comming

Now that the conference is over, i could get back to work on Alone in Space. For now, I'm creating a custom window management to handle the game panels (Research, Freight, ...). For this purpose I'm using some viewport tricks but the input is not well handled yet.

The idea of using a viewport is to ease the construction of the panels and also their management. Yna allows to use game states as full screen of as popups. That's what I need : some kind of popups on top of the current Vision.

When the panel system will be operational, I'll be able to start working on the research tree and also the other panels later.

The research panel will give informations about the player's discovered technologies. On this panel, the player will also manage research programs with a (I hope) realistic approach. Technologies will be shown as a big tree. I want to create a really big one so it won't fit on screen. Here are some things I want to do about it :
  • Drag the tree to show hidden parts.
  • Scroll to zoom in / out and show more or less tree nodes
  • Use colors and symbols to distinguish researched, available for research and not available nodes

No screenshot for now.