Jan 12, 2013

Talking about AiS


I'm not dead, the project neither. This few days I was preparing a conference about Alone in Space. I polished a clean version of the actual game to present the Structure construction system and the resource management.

More informations about the conference here (in french) : Passion sans limite

After presenting myself and my game project, i could talk to peoples and they gave me great feedback and ideas. That's awesome. Thank you guys!

As I said to many of you on Google Plus or by voice, here come screenshots of the version v0.0.0.3 available for test on my stand :

And to conclude, yes, this version is freely downloadable here : Alone in Space v0.0.0.3. That's a Google Drive upload so to get it, press CTRL+ S or File > Download)

Please note things about this version :
  •  You need the XNA 4.0 Redistributable
  • The first structure built must be the command center
  • Structures need energy to run or a yellow storm will appear over them.
  • To create energy, build some solar plants
  • Buildings need to be near a road
  • There is no sound nor music
  • You can press "H" to show / hide the UI
  • Enjoy!