Jan 29, 2013

Research Tree (4)

Here I am, talking about the research panel for the fourth time. Previously, I made the tree management but I wasn't completely satisfied by the rendering. It was clearly not optimised, in the code nor visually (space management). I though about a way to manage this properly. It took me days to elaborate a custom algorithm. Yeah, I did it the hard way : by my self.

I had a quite hard day at work and I didn't expected to go this far tonight. I was really exhausted! But I found some energy to work anyway. The algorithm is done and optimized, the rendering is cool, good work there. Take a look at what it looked like before and after :

Old rendering system
New rendering system
As you can see, the graph takes REALLY less space on screen. By the way, node coordinates are computed only once which save CPU during rendering.

Some important details to notice : the vertical gap between the last level nodes (on the right) is configurable, as is the horizontal gap between node levels. The player will be able to change theses values to modify the rendering as wish : player's comfort is important.

Oh and one more thing. That's not implemented yet, but the player will be able to zoom in/out to get a better view of the research advancement.

That's all for tonigh.t Stay tuned and take care of yourself.