Jan 24, 2013

Research Tree (2)

Graphic tree node placement is ok for now. Not perfect but that's enough at this point. Details will be polished later.

Here we go. Say hello to the first tree node graphic representation!

This may be simple but it shows a lot of informations. The top rectangle will display the technology name. I'm still thinking about hiding it and showing it only on mouseover. In the square below is displayed the technology icon.

The use of colors will also give informations : a white icon means that the technology is not acquired and a blue icon means that the technology is already owned. With this trick the player will be able to see clearly and fast where to put efforts on.

A yellow progress bar is below the icon. The color will probably change to be easier to notice. This progress bar shows the research program's progression. The bar will disappear when the technology is aquired.

And the most important part of the research concept comes below. There are 6 slots. On the image, 3 are filled, but what does it means? To do some research, you will have to build at least one research center. This will allow you to unlock the research panel. Each research program needs a defined amount of "research points" to be completed. In order to do this, the player will have to attach research centers to research programs to work on. Each research center attached to a program will give one research points every second until it's completed or detached. So the 3 blue slots means that 3 research centers are attached to this program.

Stay in touch for the next step!